Here is a place where students and visitors can find all needed resources and interesting webpages applied in the laboratory

Our laboratory belongs to the Robotics Group of Federal University of São Carlos, and thus, all the infrastructure available for the group, we may use it. Please, check the website for more details.

The group, and specially, our laboratory use DokuWiki. There are a few articles about mechanical data of robots, electrical schematics, software hacks, from using Git towards installing virtual box to use ROS. It is highly recommended for the students in the lab to use it as starting point.

As code is being generated, the same is saved up in the laboratory git account. There are public repositories and some privates. To manage this group we use BitBucket. Feel free to check the public repositories. If you are a student and want to participate into a private one, enter in contact with one of the repository administrator.

Specially, ROS is used at exhaustion. For you who want to be part of our staff, we highly recommend knowledge on this middleware