Ongoing Research

Here are the main themes we are developing right now. For detailed project information, please enter in the chosen theme

Ongoing research

A few comments on the ongoing research - UNDER DEVELOPMENT!

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The main research line of the group is the unmanned aerial vehicles robots, more specifically, the quadrotor design. The group has tackled issues in mechanical design, aerodynamics and control of such platforms.

Educational testbed for angular control

This research line is focused building a intuitive platform to ease students in the quadrotor research. Students interact with aerodynamics, brushless motors, vibrations, data acquisition, embedded systems and control theory aiming a better understanding and angular control of a quadrotor prototype.

Mobile robots for Agriculture

This research line uses a ground mobile robot to assert agricultural data. The parameter measure depends on embedded sensory and application goal of the robot. We are using Frey 2 framework.