Agricultural Scenarios

One major use for mobile robotics technology is inside agricultural scenarios. Brazil's vast territory, with a diverse type of soil and climate between regions, poses challenging tasks to be solved and scaled up.

Our first agricultural robot (Frey)(Aside figure) , which served as a test platform to measure soil moisture. From there, a diversity of project ideas emerged!

Below, a list of ongoing projects for agricultural scenarios.

Ongoing projects

List of ongoing Projects.

Biomass aerial estimation

Responsible: Prof. Hernandes

Brief description: Use of drones, such as quadrotors to estimate biomass of a specific culture of interest.

Support: Pasture View

This project is confidential due to its partnership with Pasture View company

Ant mound detection

Responsible: Prof. Hernandes

Brief description: Use of drones, such as quadrotors, to detect ant mounds. We have two Master students working on it.

Support: Under submission