Welcome to the Mobile Robotics Laboratory, at the Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil. Our lab was founded by Prof. André Carmona Hernandes, in 2016, and belongs to a Robotics group at UFSCar. Here, you should find the ongoing research and collaboration , recent publications and resources used in the lab.


"To become an innovative centre focused on developing intelligent applications for Brazilian society, mainly through mobile robotics research area.

Key Interests

Here are a few interests (but not limited to) of our lab:

  • Aerial robots (from aerodynamic understanding until vision-based applications) 
  • Ground robots (such as focused on agricultural scenarios or AGV for industry 4.0)
  • Educational Robots (From hardware making until class deployment/understanding)
  • Embedded Hardware and IoT (From understanding basic architecture to leverage IoT for society)
  • Data mining/Artificial Intelligence (Towards a smarter class of applications)